About LeaseNote

LeaseNote provides equipment dealers with the ability to engage digital shoppers and turn them into showroom customers by providing a seamless online financing platform between ‘you’ the dealer and your equipment leasing partner to accept customer credit applications through a custom branded link and buy your equipment.

        LeaseNote is an online credit application system for commercial equipment dealers to confidently offer equipment leasing for commercial customers and businesses looking to acquire various types equipment. The system can be used as an integral part of your web retailing experience via a vanity URL link. Customers can move through the application process with a prospective client at their place of business or online by themselves.  LeaseNote offers dealers the flexibility to use the system seamlessly with no effort with their current lending partners as well as gain access to a diverse group of equipment lease finance companies that would be best suited for their client base and target markets and credit appetites.

LeaseNote was founded to fill a market need from equipment dealers and vendors to be able to offer equipment leasing  and financing options to their commercial customers easily online directly from their website, at their desk and through their various sales channels. LeaseNote allows both small and large vendors alike to increase their sales and embrace the digital demands of customer trends and preferences to use the internet to conduct their business.