Using LeaseNote for your business couldn’t be more simple. Enter some simple details about your business and products you carry and want to promote. Once you have done this, simply check your email for a link to become accepted and complete the process. The file part of the process will ask you to upload your company logo, a “hero picture” – a picture that defines your business and shows it in the best light and finally, enter the contact details of  your primary leasing company. Now when people visit your page, they can apply online for the equipment they want and the applications will go directly to your finance company (and notify you as well) so they can get processing right away.

  • An Online Application is like a Commitment to Buy

How it works

Step 1

Register to Get your Free Custom Financing Link

Sign-Up to get your Free Vanity Financing Link that you can use to offer equipment leasing options directly from your website. Simply enter a few details about your equipment dealership and the products you carry, upload your company logo and enter the contact details of your current equipment financing partner.

Step 2

Connect your Website & Sales Tools to Your Financing Link

Connect your new Custom Equipment Financing & Application page to your current website, quotes, emails, and any equipment sales & promotions. Making this link easily accessible will make the equipment financing process feel smooth and completely integrated in your business website. Simply use they URL link provided in the setup process.


Step 3

Promote More Sales with Higher Customer Engagement

Promote your ability to offer equipment lease financing online through your website, social media channels, print ads and more. Promoting your financing service as a value-add could easily increase sales and market share by offering a convenient way for customers to initiate the purchasing of equipment 24 hours a day online.